Green Asphalt is a New York City based 100% recycled asphalt manufacturer specializing in green infrastructure and development projects, sensitively serving the needs of its clients. #1 in RAP materials As New York City’s number one leader in recycled asphalt pavement materials, Green Asphalt prides itself in producing the highest quality material for our customers. Eco-Friendly When choosing recycled asphalt, there are many environmental benefits, such as preventing valuable materials from going into landfills and reducing the transport of materials in and out of the city. Sustainable Roads To ensure production of the best material, our team is continuously working hard to maintain superior quality assurance along with great customer service. We are Trusted Green Asphalt is recognized for being the first asphalt plant in the U.S. to be approved by state and local agencies, to produce fully recycled material. Contact Now Ton Calculator
  • NYC DDC mix approval 2015

  • NY State plant approval  2015

Greener Future
for Tomorrow

Green Asphalt is a pioneering concept in green redevelopment that will provide broad benefits to our communities. Through the many uses of green recycled materials and 100% RAP we are building a greener future for tomorrow.


Why Green Asphalt

From the production of the paving material, to the placement of the pavement on the road, to rehabilitation, through recycling, asphalt pavements minimize impact on the environment. The low consumption of energy for production and construction, low emission of greenhouse gases, and conservation of natural resources help to make asphalt the environmental pavement of choice.

Create a Green Asphalt Plant in your community or state

Turnkey Solutions

  • Design and installation of equipment

  • Operation and Maintenance

  • Material design and QC

  • Agency relationships for approvals

  • Safety

Lowering the Carbon Footprint through Green Asphalt Technology

Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
Home Electricity Use for One Year
Gallons of Gasoline Consumed
Tree Seedlings Grow for 10 Years

Our process

  • Remove Roads that need replacement

  • Bring to facility

  • Process the material

  • Heat the material

  • Rejuvenate into 100% recycled asphalt

No virgin aggregates and no Asphaltic Cement (a/c) oil added

Green Asphalt’s Plant - NYCGreen Asphalt’s Plant - NYC

From RAP piles to new roads

1 Million Tons of asphalt are removed and replaced every year in NYC

Financial Benefit

Green pavements constitute an inevitable path for society in road-building in particular, not only due to their environmental aspects, but also because they constitute an economic saving in many cases in terms of net prices.

Where does all of the reclaimed asphalt go?

Why waste roads in landfills when we can repurpose them into new roads.

Green Asphalt has found that they can utilize 100% RAP and still maintain cost effectiveness and supply

Milling Stockpile Size

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Green Asphalt selected among the Top 100 Socially Responsible Corporations in NYC.

Queens startup is using material from the city streets and putting it back on the city streets.

Asphalt Pro visits Green Asphalt to learn how the company is making strides in the asphalt industry

The Paving Industry’s journey of vision to produce full recycled asphalt pavement mix!

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