100% RAP?


Increase Your RAP Percentage With

Green Asphalt

Green Asphalt’s technology and patented equipment can be adapted to existing drum and batch plants to allow YOU to achieve a higher RAP content – up to 100%!

Our experienced consultants are available to you for assistance with RAP fractionation, mix designs, procurement and installation of new equipment, and fine-tuning your high RAP operation.


By adding a few pieces of equipment to your existing set up, including Green Asphalt’s patented bag house, your plant can be converted to produce any mix from 0% to 100%.


The industry’s push for sustainability can be seen from both private and public owners. Higher RAP contents limit the need for quarrying and oil refining. 100% RAP can lower Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in the Materials and Transport categories, contribute LEED and En-Vision Credits, and help you take a significant step on the Road to Net-Zero.


Higher RAP content mixes are sustainable and economically beneficial

Supplement RAP into your mixes and leave your aggregates in the quarry

Limit the effects of highly variable commodity by utilizing AC in your existing RAP

Use your land in more profitable ways – clear out that RAP pile

Notable Conversions

Bringing 100% Recycled Asphalt to the New York Capital District

Green Asphalt has partnered with Carver Companies to construct a hybrid asphalt plant in Duanesburg called Capital District Green Asphalt, New York, servicing the Capital Region of the state with high-recycled content asphalt.

This plant is capable of producing asphalt mixes from 0% to 100% recycled, marking a milestone in sustainability for the area’s construction material producers.

100% recycled asphalt has benefits that affect the customer, end user, and taxpayer alike. Capital District Green Asphalt is proud to provide these benefits to the Capital Region through this venture, lowering our carbon footprint one ton at a time.

For more information about products available through this plant, service areas, and sustainability, contact us!